Impact Sector Focus


We are specialists in the education sector. We believe that most of the world’s challenges are linked to education.

Our immersive approach to strategic advisory has enabled us to work alongside some of the largest global education companies, qualification bodies, content creators, and investors. Most of our education experience comes in the growing niche of practical and technical education. We have built networks and relationships with development finance institutions, foundations, and impact investors targeting this high-impact area.

Access to Finance for SMEs

Most of our work has been centered on SMEs in emerging markets looking for growth-capital financing. We believe that SMEs are the cornerstone to the development of emerging market economies. They constitute the largest share of employment and GDP for most developing nations. The facilitation of SME growth is at the heart of our mandate. Our founders are active in the promotion of the SME and startup ecosystem development. They have also cofounded Robu - financial technology firm that aims to support SMEs in cashflow visibility and short term liquidity.


We are interested in companies who have developed innovative processes and technologies enabling them to solve market problems more efficiently than others.

Service Value.

Financial Readiness. Being financially ready means that you know your financial objectives and have the right tools to achieve them. It also means that you’re always ahead in discussions with banks, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Visibility. Having strategic visibility months in advance of major turning points enables confident and proactive decision making.

Resilience. Businesses must adapt to constantly changing environments. From macroeconomic factors like regulatory changes, to microeconomic ones likes pricing pressures and market opportunities.

Access to Finance. Being investment ready does not happen overnight. Consistent financial planning improves your chances of securing capital at better terms.

Capacity Building. We are process oriented, and use powerful technology platforms to deliver many of our services. We aim to transfer knowledge and build capacities for you.